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Our initiative is to provide Quality, Affordable Cyber Security Solutions that will enable your company to meet its goals with confidence. We accomplish this through our Better Safer Cyber World Initiative, leveraging our Advanced Threat Intelligence platform, called LadenLabs, to do the heavy lifting. LadenLabs comes paired with three different offerings to provide the most affordable aggregated security to meet your goals.

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LadenLabs Small Business

Our Small Business offering is designed for businesses that may not yet have a fully developed security solution, or may just need some help protecting their public assets. Often, these organizations don't know where to start when it comes to cyber security. There is absolutely no shame in that. We couldn't do your job and we don't expect you to be an expert at ours. But, cyber security is a vital organ of any organization's health in today's digital age. Learn More

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LadenLabs Professional

Our Professional offering is designed for organizations with an established security team. We realize the vigilant efforts required to keep a network safe. We can help your security team monitor your network or provide advanced vulnerability reviews and penetration testing. We love to partner with organizations who are already diligent in their cyber efforts and can pick up the slack for you! Learn More

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LadenLabs Enterprise

Our Enterprise offering is the Creme de la Croix of our servies. You've got the security team, you've got security appliances, and are squared away when it comes to active monitoring. However, you might need a little extra help searching for those more advanced threats, vulnerability reviews, periodic pentests, and advanced annual security training for your SOC team. Let us know if your interested. Learn More

Active Threats

Stay up to date on current threat actors and their attributed hacks.

ThreatConnect: FancyBear on Steroids

Russian Cyber Operations

On August 15, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) alerted stakeholders to phishing emails that used domains spoofing the WADA’s legitimate domain,

ThreatConnect: FancyBear & the Rabbit Hole

Defending Your Assets

The combination of the attacks relying on widely available open source tools and the superficial involvement of Russian infrastructure left us thinking Russian attribution was plausible but not certain as we were unable to determine if the attacks were criminally motivated or state sponsored with any confidence.

CrowdStrike: Bear Hunting

Tracking Down COZY BEAR Backdoors

The most effective means of identifying a COZY BEAR WMI implant is to query Event Filters, Event Consumers, and Filter To Consumer Bindings within Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI).

Public Exposure

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